A letter to Colin Graves and Tom Harrison

Dear Colin Graves and Tom Harrison, notwithstanding what you could think, we want you to enjoy all that life has to offer in your new positions. As allies, we maintain that English cricket should prosper, the Britain groups to find success, and the English crick sphere to be a blissful and agreeable spot for everybody – players, allies, media and the board. Colin, as sole candidate for the following ECB seat, and Tom, as recently designated ECB CEO – you are the two individuals best positioned to accomplish these points. There is a ton of work for you to do. You’ve acquired a repulsive wreck. Yet, for all intents and purposes, Colin, as you’ve been ECB bad habit administrator since Walk 2013, you should get a sense of ownership with this.

The grave issues with English cricket

They are essentially nothing to do with the prompt type of the senior men’s group. Allies comprehend that structure vacillates. The main problems go a lot further. They are twofold, and both are the shortcoming of the ECB.To start with, your association’s egotistical lead and childish mentalities have insulted and estranged an immense wrap of English cricket’s fan base. The outcome is far and wide antagonism and loss of craving for the Britain group. We find it exceptionally difficult to think often about a side run by individuals who obviously care so minimal about us. A few well established allies have gone similar to effectively believing that Britain should lose – a remarkable peculiarity.

Second, the ECB’s business strategies – which seem to mirror an elitist ethos – have fundamentally restricted the segment of English cricket, by valuing lower-pay families out of TV access or observer participation. The basic result is less people watching or playing the game, a pattern which will just increment over the long haul. Tom – Colin has dispatched you to explore and foster a system for the fate of English cricket. We need to assist you with taking care of business.

Over the most recent couple of days, Colin, you’ve expressed a few promising things on this front. I need to leave a heritage for English cricket in that we have further developed it, made it more open, and more easy to understand, giving the client better worth so they anticipate coming to watch or play cricket. By October or November I believe that they should think of a methodology of how we can work on English cricket according to a playing perspective, according to an observers’ perspective, a telecasters’ perspective and plunk down and converse with everyone.

We must follow through with something and not take care of business

It was done in the good ‘old days of taking a gander at what the ECB needs. Cricket actually has a spot in the hearts of people in general however we need to try sincerely so everyone likes to watch it and play it.In any case, in commonsense terms, how are you going to charm back people in general? Assuming you’re serious in your aims, your main beginning stage is to determine the “outside cricket” slur of ninth February 2014.

You put your name to that assertion, Colin, and on the off chance that you can’t see the harm it’s caused, you’re in some unacceptable work. The uplifting news is you can set things right. Let us know what the ECB really implied by that comment, and afterward apologize wholeheartedly. Please accept my apologies, yet you must choose between limited options. It’s the main way we can continue on.

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